Reading List:


The following list contains recommended reading material for everyone who wants to gain deeper practical and Biblical insight into subjects

related to the ministry of PHILIPPUS-DIENST

    PHILIPPUS-DIENST: The Life of Israelis: Testimonies of Faith and Hope
    Published by PHILIPPUS-Dienst, 2016
    ISBN 978-3-926395-69-6

    Boskey, Avner: “Romans 11 – a messianic-jewish perspective"
    Philippus-Dienst, 2004


    Brother Andrew and Al Janssen:  „Light Force
    Publisher – Revell; Open Doors, 2004

    Collins, Larry/Lapierre, Dominique: „O Jerusalem
    Larry Collins and Pressinter S.A. , 1971
    (not anymore available in bookshop, you have to find it used)

    Finto, Don: “Your People Shall be my People
    Regal (a division of Gospel Light, Ventura CA)

    Montefiore; Simon Sebag: Jerusalem. The Biography.
    Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2011


  (edited by) Munayer, Dr. Salim “Seeking and Pursuing Peace : the Process, the Pain and the Product

    Pawson, David: “Israel in the New Testament
    Terra Nova Publications, 2009

    Prince, Derek: “Why Israel? / The Regathering of Israel"

    Prince, Derek: “Why Israel? / The Christian Factor in Antisemitism"

    Prince, Derek: “Why Israel? / Our Debt to Israel"


   Saada, Tass: “I was fighting for Arafat

    Schaadt, Petra: "Happy are those…"(available in more than 60 languages)
    ICMedienhaus Holzgerlingen /, 2011

    Segev, Tom: "One Palestine. Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate."
    New York, Metropolitan Books, 2000

    Tsukahiro, Peter: “Gods Tsunami


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