Informations for Donors

Tax deductibility of donations for German taxpayers:

Donations to PHILIPPUS-DIENST are tax deductible as “special expenditure” up to a maximum of twenty percent of the so-called “total net income”. Donations exceeding this limit can be deducted within the fixed limits in subsequent years..

First-time donors:

Please quote your full address on your transfer form so we can send you an excerpt from our bookkeeping on which all your donations are listed.

Donation receipt:

In lieu of a “donation receipt” donors from outside Germany will automatically receive an excerpt from our bookkeeping on which all their donations are listed.

Earmarked donations:

Earmarked donations for our projects will be transferred to their specified purpose as far as possible.

Earmarked donations for purposes other than our projects are only possible after prior consultation with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Earmarked donations can only be accepted for and transferred to an association (also called “Amuta”) which is officially registered in Israel (We cannot accept donations for individual persons) plus in such cases we reserve 5% of the sum for administrative expenses.

In case we receive more earmarked donations for a specific project than needed, PHILIPPUS-DIENST reserves the right to use these originally earmarked donations for others projects, too.

Donation Signet

The German Evangelical Alliance awarded the “Donation Signet” to PHILIPPUS-DIENST as a ministry related to the German Evangelical Alliance. 

Ministries related to the German Evangelical Alliance undertake to stick to the basic rules for the utilization of donated monies, which stipulate, among others, adequate administrative costs as well as adequate wages and salaries paid by the respective ministries.

More information can be found (only in German) on the homepage of the German Evangelical Alliance: