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Once a year PHILIPPUS-DIENST organizes an intensive and in-depth trip to Israel for the following target group:

  • spiritual Leaders (Pastors, Ministers..)

  • Manager (politics, economy, media)

  • Donators

  • Persons in muliplier roles

These trips are on purpose short (8 days) and reasonably-priced (790 Euros for a double room / without air fare) so that interested persons from the abovementioned target group can participate easily. (single room surcharge: 400 Euros)

With our trips for leaders we want to give you:

  • Information on different PHILIPPUS-DIENST projects including visits to congregation services (Christian-Arab and Messianic-Jewish)

  • Authentic insights into the spiritual scene in Israel – visiting congregations as well as theological seminaries and colleges and Christian ministries

  • Facts and first-hand information for shaping your own opinion on the situation in Israel and the Autonomous Palestinian Territories


Usually all Study Trips to Israel are international, i.e. bilingual (German/English) and will be guided by a bilingual team (German/Israeli).

All participants are free to prolong their stay in Israel at their own personal discretion

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Study Trip 2018

"It was a pleasure to have you with us."

Impressions from participants - 2017

Bethany Noel Loux,


When we were at King‘s Kids and watched the worship dance from some young leaders, I was very touched.
Then when the young woman shared her testimony I was especially emotional hearing about her love for God.
We later had dinner and I got to sit with her and eat with her. We talked about her dreams and were able to pray for one another. It was a very special time!


Eva-Maria & Eckhard Over,

Gebetshaus Celle, Germany

Dear Susanne:
Once again sincere thanks to you that you have made possible this trip through Israel with all the visits to different congregations, churches and ministries. It brought great joy to us to see, hear and experience how these churches and ministries – and especially their leaders – cooperate in unity.
Christian ministries that we know tune out information about how the churches and ministries in the Palestinian territories are doing. Because of this we appreciate your PHILIPPUS-DIENST all the more. We hope and pray that in the future you will get even more substantial support for your ministry.


Herbert Blatter-Mörgeli,


We really enjoyed this study trip and the good fellowship among the participants. What touched me most of all was the fact that Arabs and Israelis who really have experienced Jesus as their Lord can not only live in peace side by side but together as well and that they have the strong will to live reconciliation.

If you are interested in joining one of our Study Trips to Israel, please contact:

Mrs. Susanne Wustl


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