February/March 2019

African Worship in the Holy Land

44 years ago, Ethiopians with Jewish roots were officially acknowledged by the Israeli government as “full Jewish citizens” and granted the right to make “Aliyah”. God had said to the prophet Zephaniah (3:10-12; NASB): “From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
My worshipers, My dispersed ones, Will bring My offerings.
” Right now more than 130.000 “Falasha” (Ethiopian Jews) live in Israel; it is assumed that only a small remnant is still in Ethiopia.

When he was 13, Zechariah Arni emigrated with his family to Israel where his parents found the faith in “Yeshua Hamaschiach“. Today Zechariah is married, has four children and is pastor of “Retzon Ha El“ congregation in Haifa.

But living in Israel is not easy for Ethiopians! Their integration into Israeli society is a difficult process. Many of them come from a rural shepherd-culture and are struggling to find their way in a high-tech-country. Social and cultural barriers are so serious that there are instances of ghettoization; social inequality as well as discrimination are not unheard of.

With all of his strength, Pastor Zechariah – who works as an employed social worker for the city of Haifa – invests himself so that more Ethiopians may get to know Yeshua and find hope in their desperate situation. Full of courage the team of the congregation spreads the Good News at outreaches, with charitable work and at a “coffee-house ministry”. Around 80 Ethiopians attend the services of the congregation (in effect there are more believers but some of them don’t come because they are afraid). Despite persecution the congregation of Ethiopians believing in Yeshua is growing steadily and is now in dire need of larger premises as well as furniture.

We as PHILIPPUS-DIENST want to generously support Zechariah and his congregation in their efforts. What a privilege to be able to contribute to the fact that in the future there will be more and more African worship in Israel, which is a fulfilment of Psalm 68:32 where it says:

Envoys will come out of Egypt; Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God.” (Ps 68:11; NASB)

Would you like to be part of this?

Your donation will help “Retzon Ha El“ congregation enlarge their premises by 23 square meters and buy new chairs and furniture so even more seeking Ethiopians will have room!

The total sum required amounts to 22.700 Euros.


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