Project of the Month November/December 2021

Bezel - El


Bezel - El
Creativity and Healing Center

It is more than 30 years now, that the German Karin Grimberg is living in Israel.


As a professional art teacher and counselor her special focus is to help develop a person's creativity and hereby encouraging him or her to express their emotions.


There are many traumatized people in Israel who went through horrible experiences. With the help of music, painting and manual skills they can learn to open their hearts to God and to get in touch with their own wounded souls.


The creativity and healing center Bezel-El was founded by Karin and with her typical kindness she is guiding all those who need help into God's presence. The positive atmosphere at Bezel-El is also very helpful. Let us give you a little insight in her work with the following video clip:

Bezel-El is part of the congregation Hamayaan in Kfar Saba.

In the middle of Israel, there is a place of rest and safety, where people can find shelter and healing.


Karin who is one of the staff, is leading this ministry. Through years of academic and real time training, she is using this model not only for believers, but for those yet to come to the Lord, inviting them to open sessions and workshops, as well as personal appointment.

We would like to support Karin in her efforts to bring healing to many wounded souls by helping her pay her rent for the healing rooms. We will pass on all your donations directly to this project.


Name of the project: Bezel-El healing rooms

From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.

Ps 3:8

With your donatioan you will bring blessing to Israel.