Project of the Month May/June 2021

Emmanuel Farm in the Jordan Valley


A land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey; a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing.
Deuteronomy 8: 8+9a

The inhabitants of Bethlehem who have been locked down for more than a year now, are really longing for such a piece of land.  A year without tourists means for 70 % of the inhabitants a year without any income, without any chance to earn money for paying their rents, buy food, medecine and schoolbooks.



The largest evangelical congregation in the area of Bethlehem owns a piece of land in the fertile Jordan Valley, which will now be cultivated to become a farmland with its own cistern, a guesthouse and the possibility to grow fruit for self-supply.
Young people from Bethlehem who lost their jobs have the chance to find a sort of useful occupation there, being able to provide at least some food for their families.
Lately, the guesthouse has offered several training courses for married couples, because there are often negative effects on the lives of families caused by the stressful time of Covid 19. Pastor Nihad Salman and his wife Salwa want to support married couples in their difficult situations by taking advantage of the nice and quiet atmosphere near the Jordan river.
So the piece of land in Oja near Jericho may become a small oasis within a life of hardship and depression – a place where also the children can play and spend happy hours.
So far, electricity could be taken from the neighborhood, however this isn't a permanent solution, because there is always the risk that it could be cut off at any time. Therefore the Immanuel Church Bethlehem who is running the project will need money to set up their own electrical supply in order to use this farmland appropriately in the future. According to the electricity supplier, the costs will amount to 92.000 Israeli Shekels, which is about 24.000 Euros.
We on behalf of Philippus-Dienst will gladly support this sustainable project, so that our brothers and sisters in the West Bank can receive a new perspective in their lives.

For donations please note the following specific purpose: "Emmanuel Farm"

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