Newsletter Spring/Summer 2021

Thank you!

Covid 19 aid and donations

It has been overwhelming for us to see your generosity and your helpfulness for Israel!

For Corona aid alone, we were able to pass on donations at an amount of 110 000 Euros mostly to people in extreme needs. We received many grateful feedbacks from Israel for this aid which turned out to be absolutely necessary at that moment. Please read the following report which is representing one example of many individual people in need we were able to support with your help:

She is in her early twenties now. A brilliant young woman who chose to follow Jesus and surrender all to him. She has lived a difficult life as the daughter of an addict who was many times in and out prison. She always felt left out, forgotten and unnoticed. While her age group was out going and joyous, as a child, she was at home sunk inside her sorrows and low self - esteem.

But the scripture reminds us that Jesus never forgets nor overlooks any of HIS creation.They are all precious and valuable in HIS eyes.

Then she met the Lord as her savior, father and all in all. Her understanding of circumstances, shame and poverty clicked

a new meaning: “Christ in you, the HOPE of Glory”


She worked hard in different places, supported her family of four children, went into university, yet Corona started and work stopped except for two days in a bakery. She needed a payment urgently and the Lord sent Philippus Dienst to support in that!!

(House of Light, Shefar-Amer in Galiäa)

It is very encouraging for us - and also for our brothers and sisters in Israel - to see how faithful and constant your support has been in 2020, although many of you may also have suffered from the difficult circumstances caused by the Covid 19 virus. Nevertheless, we had a significant increase of donations! Thank you so much and God bless you! Together, we were able to be an enormous blessing for Israel!

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