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Help after Rocket Attack - A Letter from the Montenegro Family

We thank all donors who supported the Montenegro family after the demolition of their apartment by a rocket attack. All in all we could pass on donations amounting to $ 60.000! Javier and Keyla Montenegro wrote a thank-you letter in which they reported about the present stage of their renovation works.

Beersheva, October 12. 2021


Dear Philiphus Dienst brothers and sisters,


We want to thank you from the most bottom of our hearts for the great support that you have brougth us in the middle of this overwhelming circumstance that we lived.

Since we arrived at Israel, nineteen years ago, we knew that we were coming to a place of constant conflicts, nevertheless, we always trust in the sovereign protection of God upon our lives, and our trust in Him led us to think that something like this would never happen to us, but happened! And one more time the Lord has fulfilled His Word, which is mentioned in Psalm 91:7 “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.”

Literally, indeed, it fell at our right hand, but didn’t touch us, because His mighty Hand was there!!! Also, God has used everything to work for the good, for us to testify to all Israel through the media, as television and radio, that our trust is placed in Him, and that it was His Hand which delivered us, Hallelujah!

Many are the people who greet us on the street, and said that are astonishly amazed of the peace we transmitted at the interviews on television chanels, Glory be to God! although we can’t speak aloud with words our faith, we can demostrate it by the fruits of His Spirit in us, by the grace of God.

We are still living in a rented apartment, untill our home is completly restored. We have started the construction and everything is looking beautiful, and soon we will share with you the results.

Thank you so much beloved brothers for being by our side, to be honest with you, it haven’t been an easy time for us, many changes, many pressures, but also, we have been feeling very loved and hugged for Yeshua’s family in the nations.

We love you, and we are infinitely grateful for your generous support to our family.

We hope to have the opportunity to go and visit you, and say thank you personally in the future.


We love you!


Pastors Javier and Keyla Montenegro. Israel

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