Philippus News November 2/2021

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Yad b'Yad Youth Exchange August 2021

After a long time we spent hoping and praying, the young people from Israel were able to travel to Nuremberg to take part in the Yad b'Yad youth exchange. Because of the corona restrictions this was really a miracle.


The „Vaterhaus“ congregation who were hosting the event had prepared an excellent program and it was really amazing how little time it took for the Israelis to make friends with the German participants. When visiting the mayor in his city hall of Nuremberg, they seemed to present a homogenous unity and this was also demonstrated by their T-shirts: „We are the proof of God's love“.


The most important thing of this one week program was the visit of the memorial site of the concentration camp in Buchenwald near Weimar: It was very touching to see how the young people went through the site always two by two, hand in hand, one German with one Israeli, looking at our common and painful history. During this two-days visit of the Yad b'Yad group, the Holy Spirit enabled us to experience reconciliation, deliverance, prayer times and celebrating the Lord's Supper together.


Even for the young people today who have more of an objective view on the history of our two peoples, it was really impressing to walk through this sinister place of horror together and to gain a fresh vision for starting together towards a new future.


We see that such encounters have positive effects that go far beyond nice personal relationships. The young people begin to understand how important it is to rise against anti semitism in Germany and also to take a stand for their Jewish friends. In our present times it is more important than ever to realize such sustainable programs like Yad b'Yad giving orientation for the young generation.


Thank you very much for all your prayers and donations that helped us supporting this visionary project! Praise the Lord!

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