Newsletter Winter 2020/21 


Dear friends,

while the Jewish new year of 5781 has already started with the big feasts of Yom Kippur and Succot, we start reflecting about last year's developments:


Israel has been on top of the world's score concerning the number of new infections per number of inhabitants; the authorities have ordered a complete lockdown already twice and additionally to the hardships of the Corona crisis, the country had to face three extreme heat waves with the highest temperatures ever recorded (42,8 degrees Celsius in Jerusalem and 48,9 degrees in Eilat on September 4, 2020). People were saying with sarcasm: „What is more dangerous for the pupils? Getting a sunburn in the schoolyard or wearing protective masks in their classrooms sitting there together with 19 more classmates during this extreme heat?“


As uncomfortable as the year 5780 may have been, there is also something good to tell: for us, it is a visible sign of blessing that the Sea of Galilea has been at it's highest level since 27 years. And the past year also brought forth something that had never happened before: a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which is to be regarded as historic. Never before has an Arab country agreed to such a convention, without having a mutual border with Israel. And finally it is very positive, that during times of Corona many family members discovered one another in a new way. So family bonds were consolidated and renewed, something that could not have been expected before.


Now there is even more questioning among the secular Israelis, what God wants to tell them because of all the things happening last year. And this is why our brothers and sisters of „One for Israel“ can tell amazing stories:


„ It is very interesting that the two lockdowns took place during both the spring as well as the autumn holidays, for this is a time when Israelis especially enquire about God, while fasting and reflecting about their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that the internet videos answering questions about the Jewish messiah have been really booming. So the year 2020 was very challenging, but also extremely successful concerning evangelisation via internet.“

We are really blessed that we live in a time when Jews can learn from people of their own nation that Yeshua is the promised messiah who they are still waiting for.  When all shops are closed where you can usually buy Bibles or New Testaments, the internet turns out to be the perfect tool. By the way, Israelis love watching youtube videos.

I think these are prophetic words of the Apostle Paul for our present situation: „How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?“ (Romans 10, 14)

Philippus-Dienst is very much engaged in preaching the Gospel to the Jews. In fact, we often are not in a position to do this by ourselves, but we do our best to support our messianic brothers and sisters doing so. Dear Philippus-Dienst family, we are really grateful for all your prayers and generous donations.


May our merciful God bless you!


Susanne Wustl

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