Newsletter Spring/Summer 2021 


Dear Philippus-Dienst family,

I send you warm greetings for this remarkable year 2021.


All of us have been affected by radical changes in a way we would never have imagined before. In the midst of the furious developments happening in the world, there has always been one constant factor remaining: Jesus Christ, our steady rock who gives our fragile lives stability and strength day by day.


It has been 23 years now, that we have been on our journey together with you in order to build the kingdom of God especially in the Holy Land and even there many things are changing.


During the past few years, we have helped establish many sound congregations and ministries and we could watch incredible growth. And now, things are turning towards a new stage of intimicy with the Lord.


You will find in this newsletter the testimony of pastor Dov Bikas which is representative for many Messianic and Arabic pastors: Despite all struggles and challenges, they rely on the only one who is unsheakable: our saviour Jesus Christ who promised not to leave us alone.


Keeping this in our minds, we can look ahead with confidence, always walking side by side with our God.


May our merciful God bless you!


Susanne Wustl


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